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Star of Bengal Takeaway Bangor menu

The food on our menu is rich and typical of what we offer in our restaurant type. The signature dishes on the menu include Tikka Biryani, Chicken Biryani, and other Biryani Specialities. These dishes are served with side salad, vegetable sauce, and other accompaniments. The dishes are also prepared special flavoured basmati rice for the ultimate taste. We have some great Kebabs on the menu as well. Donner Kebab, Chicken Tikka Kebab, and Lamb Tikka Kebab are just a few of the various delicious kebab dishes we have. Vegetable dish lovers are not left out of the menu. We have Mixed Vegetable Curry, Aloo Peas, and Bombay Potatoes. These vegetables can be enjoyed spinach and Chickpeas. We have a special Exquisite Dishes that caters to lovers of fine food. We have Chicken Chilli Shahi, Pura Rashooni, and Hot Bengal Jall among other dishes. These dishes can be enjoyed with green peppers, Indian spices among others. Our restaurant type also offers customers various classic dishes. We have Dopiaza, Rogan, and Jalfrezi. Our restaurant offers a huge variety and choice. You can find various sauces, herbs, spices, drinks and so many other items when you explore our full menu. We are open to serve all and sundry.

About Star of Bengal Takeaway Bangor menu

Star of Bengal Takeaway is the best restaurant to enjoy Indian dishes. We have a full menu and customers can enjoy various veggie and meat dishes. We have availed a classic menu for all those who love the typical Indian & Bangladeshi dishes but also managed to include some English dishes. Our customers are not just treated to a huge variety though, we are proud of serving them with the best dishes in terms of quality. The quality of our dishes comes as a result of sufficient investment in the area of preparation. The entire process of selecting ingredients and mixing them to produce majestic dishes is well supervised. We always ensure that we have identified the right places to source the ingredients. Other than that, we also make sure that the presentation is superb for a comprehensive show of class. Our services are also magnificent. Star of Bengal Takeaway is reputable for treating customers with utmost admiration. We always serve everybody enthusiastically. Our team is also skilled and like no other in the area. The complete experience within our premises is thus grand. Visit us today to experience it by yourself.

Star of Bengal Takeaway Bangor restaurant

You can find us in, 108 Abbey Street, Bangor, BT20 4JB area. We have the best Indian & Bangladeshi takeaway in town and our services are elegant. We also provide customers who are within our reach with a fast food delivery service. The road system in our neighbourhood is excellent for those who want to pay us a visit. We also have mobile apps that will make the process of identifying dishes in advance easy. Be sure to download them from the App Store and Google Play. Star of Bengal Takeaway is a stellar restaurant that welcomes all customers. Order today for the finest services.